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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
It's a miracle it wasn't worse indeed. Thirty four cars at 225+ MPH flat out on a freaking track designed for Nascar almost HALF THE SIZE of Indy500 was an accident waiting to happen.

For starters, those cars, just like F1 (which have much more downforce), shouldn't exceed 200 mph IMO, especially on an oval track with banked turns. I see some heads rolling over this. And/or some changes too. RIP DW. At least he died doing what he loved. And am sure didn't suffer one bit. I'd like to go out like that too... but hopefully later in life . Good day gang.
Don't get me wrong I totally agree about the track with that number of cars but if the driver is willing to risk his life in those dangerous conditions than they are putting their life at risk by driving there. So many people and drivers were talking about how dangerous it was goin to be yet they all drove the race. There has to be some responsiblity to an individual instead of blaming the IRL or others.

Nonetheless its really sad to see those cars take flight like they were tiny toy cars. They became airborne with such ease and flipped around like they weighed an ounce. Very disturbing to see live as I did.