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Originally Posted by SouthShoreM3 View Post
have a few questions if you dont mind helping me with.
Not at all, but remember I did this over 2 years ago . All I can tell you is the TB bolts are at the same exact location, so you know pretty much where they are. Forget about using a screwdriver; you need a socket, and 2 long and 1 short 1/4" ratched extensions. Most kits come with 1 and 1, and I had another long one from a smaller tool kit. But even when all 8 TBs are loosened up, you'll have to push it up little by little until it finally pops, so forget about pushing the plenum up until ALL OF THEM are loose (or you could tear the boots). You can wait until plenum pops to remove the driver's side PCV. But don't expect it to be easy to remove with the engine braces in place. It was too much trouble to remove the braces IMO, so I decided to fight them for 5 minutes until I figured out how move the plenum around to clear the bars. It WILL clear, but you'll have to figure out how.

As far as the spark plug covers, they might not need to be removed; I don't know. But I wanted them gone anyway, hence that step. I also removed the front engine hanger (engine cannot be lifted with plenum in place). My OCD side wanted a clean looking engine . Good luck man. And may I ask what are you doing in there? Please let us know. Take care.
Good luck.