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cams gave me an additional 25whp

it was a bit of a problem tuning them cos there is nothing available and no one sharing any experience on how to do it

my car revs to 8800 and peak power is @ 8800.

if it was not risky i would increase the rev limiter to abt 9100 cos it would still make power there but i have seen 1st hand about 3 m3 engines breaking at 9100.

stock my car made 345whp and at the moment is making 425whp

i have tested the car against a c63 that has pulleys, headers, full exhaust, custom tune and it was lightened. this 63 ran a 11.6 1/4 mile. At 250km rolling from 2nd gear i was about a fender in front

the cams are not as straight forward as the e46 m3.

my friend who installed it had to do the timing twice cos it kept on going out.

then he found something out that is not even in the BMW TIS that he had to do to keep the cam timing 100%......thats his secret now.

the idle is a bit rough only on start up but after that its not bad at all. you hear a bit of the lumpy idle but i think its sounds mean

the next event here will be on the 27/11/2011 so will go and see what will be the quartermile time. i am expecting arnd the 11.6 to 11.7