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Originally Posted by KKM3 View Post
"talk me out of a gtr"

1. It's a Nissan. It's a fucking NISSAN.

2. There are ugly Nissan logos on the car to remind you it's a fucking NISSAN

3. It's a shitty Nissan

4. The over the top ugly styling will get you attention and when you get curious questions, u must answer it's a Nissan.

5. The only people who really like the car are self proclaimed "enthusiasts" and people who don't know your driving a Nissan.

6. The car looks like a cereal box with wheels and Nissan logos everywhere.

7. When your over 30 years old and are making a good living for yourself and after the initial excitement of owning a car with spectacular performance figures wears off, you start thinking that you dropped 90k on a fucking NISSAN that's ugly as hell and cheap looking. That's why your neighbors roll their eyes when they see you driving by.

8. I'm sorry but I can't reiterate this enough but it's a fucking Nissan.

9. It's a piece of crap with retarded body panels and Nissan logos

10. You will have plenty of friends, unfortunately they will all be 8-24 years old that are saving their pennies for a Nissan 370z, another shitty car with ugly Nissan logos.

I know what's coming.... I'm a badge whore. Lol. Atleast the badges on my cars are nice looking. Not like the ugly ass Nissan logos lolll
Well, the good news is if you see one on the street or track, you won't be able to see the Nissan logos for long as they will quickly fade away from view as the GTR leaves you behind in a cloud of dust
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