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"talk me out of a gtr"

1. It's a Nissan. It's a fucking NISSAN.

2. There are ugly Nissan logos on the car to remind you it's a fucking NISSAN

3. It's a shitty Nissan

4. The over the top ugly styling will get you attention and when you get curious questions, u must answer it's a Nissan.

5. The only people who really like the car are self proclaimed "enthusiasts" and people who don't know your driving a Nissan.

6. The car looks like a cereal box with wheels and Nissan logos everywhere.

7. When your over 30 years old and are making a good living for yourself and after the initial excitement of owning a car with spectacular performance figures wears off, you start thinking that you dropped 90k on a fucking NISSAN that's ugly as hell and cheap looking. That's why your neighbors roll their eyes when they see you driving by.

8. I'm sorry but I can't reiterate this enough but it's a fucking Nissan.

9. It's a piece of crap with retarded body panels and Nissan logos

10. You will have plenty of friends, unfortunately they will all be 8-24 years old that are saving their pennies for a Nissan 370z, another shitty car with ugly Nissan logos.

I know what's coming.... I'm a badge whore. Lol. Atleast the badges on my cars are nice looking, even my Toyota prius has nicer badges than a Nissan gtr. Not like the ugly ass Nissan logos lolll

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