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I've had an airbag deploy and smack me in the face before AND I was only going 50kph. I'm pretty sure the Airbag did more damage to my face then the actual impact. BUT if I have been going any faster...Lets say 75+ kph and had the same crash. It would have easily saved me from a bigger injury.
Your car just like all of them now are built with crumple zones and endless other safety options. If it senses airbags aren't going to help absorb the impact for whatever reason, they won't deploy. The engineers and people who worked on these systems are WAY smarter then you. And so is the software / systems they designed. And I don't say that to be rude, in a situation or crash those systems are smarter then all of us.

Glad to hear everyone is ok and these systems did their job. Also I hope your insurance company does the right thing!
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