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The best centrifugal is probably the ASA used by GPower. It is a planetary gear drive and spins faster than a traditional gear drive like the Vortech and makes great torque for a centrifugal, and is more compact, and is clutched. I am not sure if ASA has a blower big enough yet to compete with the Vortech, but they do have one that can make in the 550 rwhp range on these cars.

AA uses a planetary gear drive blower also. It spins fast also and makes pretty good torque for a centrifugal. It is compact enough to allow for a simple and reliable air to air intercooler. It is a bit on the small size so top end power does not have the same potential as the Vortech if you are going for the maximum. It will still make in the 525-550 rwhp range on these cars. Sometimes overall power is more important than peak power. Find a dyno and study the power curve.

ESS uses the Vortech, which is simple, large and sturdy. It requires a water to air intercooler since it leaves little space for air to air piping, but air to water has its advantages -- a very short path for the cooled air into the engine. The Vortech spins slowly, relatively, and is not as torquey as a result in the midrange. But it has a pretty big impeller and makes great top end power.

Gintani also uses the Vortech blower.

Good luck. Tough choices and you can't really go wrong with any of them.