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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
I guess we can just agree to disagree since the gt3/rs has the best throttle response and engine responsiveness out there.
That engine is better hands down a far better engine in every aspect than any m engine. Even the m3 gts even though it was new, couldn't even compete with a 5yr old gt3 on any level. BMW just isn't as good when it comes to engines/handling...and the gts was more expensive to boot.
I actually thought the responsiveness of my z4m coupe was slightly better than the e92 m3.

If you really want to know who makes the best...look at racing wins, and again it's overwhelmingly Porsche. BMW would need 50 years to catch them...assuming Porsche stopped racing altogether.
Porsche builds dedicated sports cars. Bmw does not. The gt3 can not really be compared to the m3 gts because the platforms are very different. The m3 is based off a luxury coupe/sedan where the Porsche was a purpose built sports car from the beginning. Even so the gts is Not
Far off the performance figures of the gt3. Your talking race wins and I'm talking engines. The fact of the matter is, when it comes to engines and not race wins, no car maker has one as many awards for engine of year, and praise for building the most advanced engines in cars as bmw has.