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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
What in god's name makes Romney worst for the dems?

(Sigh)...try to stick with me.... worst nightmare because he is electable and will win against your boy. Not sure what you are talking about.

The polls say otherwise, and while I don't necessarily follow polls, I'm sure as hell not trusting your reasoning.

What poll results could possibly be pertinent to my point? Do tell!

Uh, that was 2010, that's over. Tea Party's all but dead, remember the Wisconsin protests? The current Wall St sit-ins, the wide support for taxing the rich, and the disdain for the current crop of "just say no" repubs in congress all indicate that it's going to swing the other way.

So sorry but, even if your diminished capacity America-wrecking guy manages to get reelected he's gonna be pretty lonely. Dems are going to be in short supply in congress after the next cycle of elections.

You seem to think that I give a fig about republicans--I don't except as they serve to oust this pretend president from office.