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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post

Funny how the guy above who owns both doesn't even agree with you. Youre wrong whether you admit it or not. I guarantee I have more seat time in gt3s than you and the gt3 is better. The gt3 rs even more so.
Ok, I've only driven a couple gt3's. One was a 2011 and another an 07. My impressions of both cars were very positive, especially the 2011. I liked almost everything about those cars, the steering was the best I've experienced in any car, the sound was intoxicating and you can go through a turn at much higher speeds without breaking a sweat, however i feel that my m3 is a touch more responsive to throttle inputs when in "sport plus" mode and light years ahead of my 997.2 c2s. I say this not to start a never ending argument, I'm just posting my observations given the fact I own both cars and drive them back to back all the time.