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Originally Posted by carlitosz View Post

1. You understand there are literally hundreds of TUV, SAE, JWL/VIA certifications out there and companies don't need the one from ADV.1 to copy it right?

2. That is not a TUV certification. That is a certificate of conformity. You should know the difference. A TUV certificate specifies a wheel has been tested, has passed, and has been registered/certified by TUV-Rheinland. It also certifies a wheel to an specific vehicle only which is why is so expensive.

A certificate of conformity is the manufacturer certifying that the products, in this case, wheels, have been tested to an specific standard (SAE/JWL/VIA or even your own) and the manufacturer signs and attests that to be true and valid. Your statement is misleading.

This a TUV Certificate:

Damn.... good info.... and very interesting...... you slapped them down harder than my girl slapped me down last night after i asked for sexy time......

on a more serious note, this is very important information and definatly makes me think long and hard about my wheel manufacturer choice...., i usually stick with BBS, but they are usually alittler heavier than the japaneese brands....... i think my oem CSLs weight in @ 25lbs for the 9.5-19" rim.
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