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Originally Posted by KKM3 View Post
I am a big Porsche fan but I'm gonna have to disagree with u. The m3 engine is way more responsive in any mode you are in. Try stabbing the gas at 4k rpm in each car back to back and see which car snaps ur neck more. Every passenger I drive in both cars come away saying that the Porsche is fast, but when in my m3 they hold on for dear life because of how explosive the power delivery is. The Porsche is more subtle in it's power delivery. The engine is the m3 is far more advanced and light years ahead of the Porsche when it comes to response. 8 individual throttle butterflies which makes the m3 feel explosive when you punch the throttle is a feeling that u feel in only a few cars in the world. Too bad they made the m3 so big and heavy. It could have been epic if they cut the fat and kept closer to e46 dimensions. The 2011 gt3 I drove was amazing but again throttle response is better in the m3.
Can't really say that explosive power when it comes to throttle response is good nor desirable. Can't agree with the GT3 comparison either.