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the ess kit uses a water based heat exchanger and cools charge @ the intake mani..... its definatly a cool setup..... much shorter boost pipework also, their are dissadvantages for this setup and air to air setup also..... their is no wrong or right way just difference approaches, my VT2 z4m runs a proper intercooler and im very pleased with that setup...... ESS's approach on the e92 for me is the better approach, the g-power setup requires you to cut the front cross member which is imo unacceptable..... The ess tuning is imo simply as good as it gets, perfect driveability, perfect AFRs, perfect idle...... The early g-power tunes were crap.... The new tunes are very good, they use the ASA blower which is imo probably one of the best blowers out their, i love the TQ they offer, that said the vortech V3si is a unit capable of 700+bhp without mods to it.........

SEI are you considering FI for your M3
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