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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
If wishes were horses the dems would get one of the outliers as the Republican nominee. Not gonna happen, everybody knows it will be Romney, the worst option for the dems
What in god's name makes Romney worst for the dems? He's the biggest flip-flopper fake repub of the bunch. He IS Obamacare, he was governor of a liberal state, and there's video of him supporting everything the GOP is against. In case you forgot, this is why he petered-out in '08.
Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Romney will get all of the Republicans and the majority of the independents. And if he's smart enough to take one of the farther right candidates as his Veep he can lock in the further right arm of the Republicans (without losing anything) and that will seal the election.
The polls say otherwise, and while I don't necessarily follow polls, I'm sure as hell not trusting your reasoning.
Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
It's the congressionals that will change the course of events and that body will go conservative/Republican in a big way. It's all good...
Uh, that was 2010, that's over. Tea Party's all but dead, remember the Wisconsin protests? The current Wall St sit-ins, the wide support for taxing the rich, and the disdain for the current crop of "just say no" repubs in congress all indicate that it's going to swing the other way. It's all good