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Originally Posted by uhaulball View Post
southlight, explain again why are they using interlagos blue with no camo as the test car again?
I understand this as a serious question, isn't it?
They're testing the cars aswell as the production. The pre-production is the last step before real series production starts. So they're producing cars as they would do with customer cars. If they only produced black cars, that wouldn't be a real test for the later series production. That's one side. The other side is the socalled "customer-oriented" test. BMW employees get these cars to drive and have to say when there are any faults left (caused by faulty development which shouldn't happen in that late stage OR caused by faulty production which could happen). The more they drive the better is it to rule out all the possible errors.
Besides that there are still some tests/development to be made (maybe for the new transmission maybe for the latest fine setting in suspension or other things), for which also preproduction cars are used.
Hope that helps...

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