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Car wash disaster!

Hey guys,
Just wanted to share a story.
Went to an automatic car wash a few days ago. Yes I should have washed the car myself, but it was one of those days. The guy at the car wash waves at me to align my front left tire with the thingamajig.
I do so, and then I hear a loud pop. Both the guy nor I did not make much of it. Thought at the time that it could have just been that old machine rather than the car.
No warning signs were seen in the car as well ( eg low tire pressure). I drive on out of there, cruising along my way home, when close to my house I see the dreaded low tire pressure sign.
Pull into my house and hear a nice ".ffffsssssstttttttt....." from the left front tire on the side rather than the tread.
Called AAA and had to get the car towed to the dealership.
The worst thing was that I just picked up the car from its first service!!
$500 later I have learned my lesson....don't be lazy.