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Originally Posted by JDy80 View Post
What a horror story. I hope it gets cleared up soon. Why did you buy the car in LA? Was the dealers in Florida not giving a good enough deal?
Oh yea and this also reminds me. They quoted me a price and when they sent me all the documents needed to sign, late albeit, right before i left to europe since i was able to get into someone else spot and did it all really quickly. The price was $20 more a month then they quoted me and didnt even tell me. I wanted the car and it was still a better deal than anyone in miami could do so i signed it.

It was only on one truck from LA to Miami. I have been in contact with the owner of the trucking company and he said he is trying to go after the dealer but if anything he will honor the dent repair and take it to his body guy. But i want this replaced at a BMW dealer.

Im4citadel - I wish i took pics of the condition of the car before i normally do. But i was so excited my car was here i left my phone in the office and had no camera on me which is a rarity. Also the car was so dirty i couldnt notice the dent until it was waxed and the sun's reflection was distorted on the roof!

On another note I will post some pictures and a more positive post about my European delivery soon!!

P.S. anyone know of another way of being able to go to the PC, can i use my invoice or something showing i was supposed to do it but couldn't because of dealer error. I still really want to do this!