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Originally Posted by ADV.1 Matt View Post
I'll see if I can dig up our TUV certification as it was taken with the guys in Germany and isnt' a scanned copy. We don't want to post the scanned stuff publicly as it's too easy for any other wheel company to photochop out the name and doctor their own documents for their own use.

1. You understand there are literally hundreds of TUV, SAE, JWL/VIA certifications out there and companies don't need the one from ADV.1 to copy it right?

2. That is not a TUV certification. That is a certificate of conformity. You should know the difference. A TUV certificate specifies a wheel has been tested, has passed, and has been registered/certified by TUV-Rheinland. It also certifies a wheel to an specific vehicle only which is why is so expensive.

A certificate of conformity is the manufacturer certifying that the products, in this case, wheels, have been tested to an specific standard (SAE/JWL/VIA or even your own) and the manufacturer signs and attests that to be true and valid. Your statement is misleading.

This a TUV Certificate: