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Nick Alexander BMW = F- Rating

I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced any problems with Nick Alexander in LA but after what I experienced I feel like I should share my story.

I Ordered a European delivery e93 M3, all went well in ordering and in Europe. Car was suppose to be delivered to the PC in South Carolina for me to pick up, but the dealer forgot and scheduled delivery of the car to LA instead, where it stayed for a couple weeks. I live in Miami and was anxious to drive the car and thought I might as well make the best of the situation and drive my convertible down the pacific coast hwy with my brother who lives out there. So i flew out to LA, after my sales rep said it wouldnt be a problem to drive the car there, but when I arrived he said that I will not be able to drive my car because of legal reasons (wish he would have looked into that before he told me yes i bought my ticket) and the best they could do is give me a loaner 328. I was pretty mad but what could I do, I said so be it just make sure its on the next truck out to miami. When I returned the loaner the sales rep told me the car left detailed and in an enclosed trailer with 3 other cars.

Five days passed and I get the call that my car is in Miami ready to be delivered. The truck pulls up to my warehouse and to my surprise its on an open trailer with 10 other vehicles on the front. They bring the car down and it could not have been any dirtier. It was full of bugs, dirt and what not from the drive accross the country, i couldn't even seen the headlights. If he told me it was going to be on an open truck i would have put a front bra on it. Also, i get in the car and it still has dirt and pebbels on the floor from a castle in germany, a tissue that i used from a napkin in Prague as well as an empty McDonalds cup from there as well, point is it was no where near detailed. I had to pay someone to come to my warehouse to have it detailed before all the bugs and dirt dried into the paint. This is no where near the end of it.

The next day after the detail I noticed a big dent in the roof. I have not yet driven the car because i don't have the tags, i'll get to that in a bit, and it spent the night inside my warehouse. The dealer claims it was not them nor the trucking company. At the moment this is not my biggest issue. My biggest problem is that there were no tags or registration sent with my car (which I paid for already). Not even a temp tag, and since there is no registration i cant even go out and get one myself. I emailed Nick Alexander for about 2-3 weeks asking for my tag and registration and got seldom responses. Finally I had to have BMW NA customer service contact the dealer GM who also is a real piece of work. It finally came in the mail and no one from the dealer followed up or asked if and when i received it. Horrible customer service!

To this date. Almost 2 months since I've took delivery of my car they will not answer any of my questions on the Dent in My roof, the extra month my car sat in my warehouse because i had no tag or registration and extra time it sat in LA, or the Performance Center experience i was supposed to get in SC and did not since they sent the car to LA.

Pretty long but i think people should know before they buy from this dealer!