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Originally Posted by Loseit View Post
These are quieter then the PS2's(new) and comfortable?
I was about to pull the trigger on these buy heard they have a lot or road noise.

My 19's are for street use so I dont mind giving up some performance as long as the tire is comfortable and quiet.
I am looking at these, the Continental DW's (?) or the New Michelin Super Sports. Obviously there huge price difference but i am willing to spend the cash if the are better for day to day driving.
There are multiple people that can attest to their quietness. I believe the majority of the reviews on Tire Rack mention this. These are definitely quieter than PS2s. I would def. choose this tire over the DW's but in regards to performance, Michelin PSSs would be an amazing choice. I do not know about road comfort on the PSSs. However, I know my PS2s were very comfortable. Hands down I believe it's impossible to go wrong with a high end Michelin tire.

Originally Posted by SIIK2NR View Post
As far as tread wear....these have very good wear and lasted me over 35K+ miles.
That's great. I'm looking forward to driving on them for awhile.
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