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At the end of the day only you truly know what is in your heart for your daughter.

My father was well off, but earned every dollar by building his own business brick by brick. He pushed my sister and myself to pursue professional career paths so that neither of us would have "chase the dollar" like he had (although I would have loved to have done business with my father).

When I got my learners permit my father forced me to work min wage jobs (three) and agreed to go dollar for dollar with me. My first car was $5000 (and the sexiest thing I owned by the way).

I think the prevalent issue has less to do with her safety as a driver (if she is as you describe her I am sure she will be a sound and safe driver) and more to do with her upbringing.

Will she ever know the feeling of achieving a goal on her own? An M3 for your first car? Really?

It was all in the way my father raised me. "Always set goals and reach them stage by stage. From there the goals will only get bigger and better and as soon as you know it you're at the top."

It made me want to get a scholarship for college, pay for grad school, and buy my father the car of his dreams once in the work force.

13 years after my first "dollar for dollar" car. I bought my father an RX350 and got my fat butt into a 2009 M3...It's not the same road for everyone...I know this...but don't you want your daughter to know what climbing that ladder feels like?

Just my two cents....