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When I was in high school my friends had new 335 & M3, Stang Cobra, Lex SC430 & GS430, Trans-Am Ram Air, Prowler, Bentley and other very nice fast cars. Majority of the girls got a new 3 series or MB C class for their 16th birthday. On the other hand, there were kids with beaters, civics, golfs, jettas, 4runners, trucks and other non high end cars. The ones with non high ends cars seemed to wreck more because they tried to show their car were just as fast or handle as well as the nicer/faster cars! Alot of the ones with trucks & SUV's messed up their vehicles because they thought they were pro off roaders!

It doesn't matter how much the car costs or how much power the car has! If that's what the parent wants to get their kid, more power to them! like someone said earlier...a teen driving recklessly in a Geo metro is just as dangerous as being in a M3. The M3 will prob be safer in a crash than the Metro! When I have a kid one day I would have no problem giving them a M3 for their 16th birthday! I'd just install one of the live gps monitor systems and if he/she is being stupid I'll take the car back!