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Originally Posted by username11 View Post
What is this? Why is "stuff" exclusive to hard work and values?

Hey son, I want you to get into a top five business school so you can be successful. If you do, which means studying for hours every night, being in the top of your class, playing a competitive sport, networking your ass off, competing and beating out hundreds for internships that will take ten people.
if your son does this because you taught him that's what he should do then he wont need you to buy him a 911 but will learn that the hard work will pay off at his own hand not be given freely by the world or you. expecting instant gratification is part of whats wrong with the world. you have to work for every step you make in the real world and if you do then you will have the material things to match. when given freely without it being earned you come to expect that elsewhere as well and will find it hard to excel in life, ie be spoiled.

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