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Originally Posted by username11 View Post
No, it's relevant, because you respond to every criticism with "well, it's designed that way because of [insert technical/historical usage here]" which has no bearing on the wearer.

Our conversation has gone something like this:

Me: Oversized flashy watches look bad.. look at that guy, his watch is bigger than his hand.

You: The watches are giant because pilots and divers need to see them!

Me: But that guy is not a pilot, he is sitting behind a desk, he can't even button his shirt cuffs because his watch is so big, and yes.. the watch still looks stupid.

You: The company that made that watch was founded in 1860!! They were instrumental in Italy's efforts in World war II!

Me: What the fuck does that have to do with how the watch looks NOW? Plus that's just about the worst brand heritage you could have this side of Volkswagen.

You: But, but, your arguments are irrelevant!! Does he need to be a pilot to fly a plane to wear a watch that is the size of a plane? He could be wearing a peacoat but not be in the Navy!

Me: WTF dude, nevermind.

Your entire position thus far is a personal one and way too emotional for the topic. Implying one has to have military history or has to have familiarity with firearms to have reason to own a Panerai is about is as stupid of an argument as I've heard yet. Claiming Panerai is somehow appeasing the consumer by creating big-faced timepieces is equally stupid unless you can prove that was a part of their marketing plan say some 150 years ago when they were exclusively a military supplier. The watch is large because of the military spec. Get over it. Should Panerai start making feminine-sized timepieces because they no longer supply the Italian military???? Are you being difficult for the sake of being difficult or are you really this thick? No disrespect. Anyone who can appreciate historical relevance and staying true to one's roots in terms of replicating watches of yesteryear can understand my point. Those who's taste is in way left field and enjoy pulling asinine arguments out of their ass probably can't.