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Originally Posted by deltamonkey32 View Post
i know everything about this car, every specification about it and every small detail. i have done hours of research on the history and how safe these cars r in accidents.
None of that helps you to actually drive the car. Researching something and knowing facts about it is a lot less important than actual driving experience.

i have been set to driving school and they drilled into my head that i will never text and drive, they showed me accidents caused by txting and driving and the effects it has on the world aound us. let me say that this one teen who will never txt and drive OR willing ride in the car while anyone else is txting and driving.
Texting and driving is just the latest fad in driving safety. No one here has mentioned it, because you'd damn well better be smart enough not to text and drive. There are a lot of other hazards that have nothing to do with texting that you don't get experience with in driver's ed. Combining lack of experience with a fast car is asking for trouble, no matter how responsible you are.