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ok, i just turned 16 about a month ago and but i dont get my liscnese until december. i am getting a brand new 2011 bmw m3. i have been a car fanatic since i was 8 and have been fascinated by cars. i knew right away that when i could get a car i would make sure its a respectable one and for some reason ive been set on m3's since the new body stile came out in 08. my dad is an entrepreneur and has been since he started his first business 20 years ago. being around him for some many years has rubbed off on me and i have been trying to start businesses since i was 10. we are not rich but my dad helped me start my own company about a year ago and i work about 4 hours a day during the school week and even more on the weekend while juggling school work for honors classes. we are not crazy wealthy and my parents r not buying this car for me, i am paying for it 100%(gas, insurance,tags,etc.). this is the nicest car in our garage and it is mine. i know everything about this car, every specification about it and every small detail. i have done hours of research on the history and how safe these cars r in accidents. i have been set to driving school and they drilled into my head that i will never text and drive, they showed me accidents caused by txting and driving and the effects it has on the world aound us. let me say that this one teen who will never txt and drive OR willing ride in the car while anyone else is txting and driving. and not all teenagers are like how you are describing them. some of them actually work their ass off for the car and respect everything about it and its abilities. just my .02 cents on the topic from a first car m3 owner
Matte White e90 ///M3