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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Why in the world are you worried about a swivel display? When you hold a dslr properly you don't even see the display. For chimping, you can simply tilt the camera away from you, take a quick look and then go back to shooting.

For video, I understand it, but I think that a dslr is a poor choice for a camera that will be primarily a video camera. A dslr is hard to use for video as a casual camera. You have to be serious with a big tripod, fluid head and/or a stability rig to use a dslr for anything other than the occasional video.

A swivel display increases the odds of a failure considerably I'd guess.

I use my D3100 for taking family videos as well. With the D5100 at 30fps, the videos will look a lot smoother and I'll have an easier time holding the camera down at my knees with the video display pointing upwards towards me where I can see it while I'm recording the little ones running around and playing. Even with the D3100, it takes way better video than a Sony camcorder I bought about 2 years ago.

If you've got kids, then you know its a pain in the ass lugging a lot of things around. If I can have a prosumer camera that does great video and take the abuse, that would be the camera for me. So I'm hoping for a D7100 with a swivel display. If I get the D5100, I may be setting myself up for another cracked body.

The D3100, I think may have been damaged at the Rochester Museum of Play when it was slung over my shoulder and I bumped into something. I never sling that thing over my shoulder either. I did it that day because I had to chase the kids running around and it was easier to sling it over my shoulder than putting it back in the carrying case, pulling it out and then missing a shot.