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Originally Posted by hubbman View Post
I really don't understand why the paint has gotten so bad on BMW's? I have a new 2011 E92 M3 and the peel is horrible! My 2006 E46 has way better paint quality.

Why is it that Porsche can give such beautiful paint to its customers, but our 70K+ cars have the same quality paint as a 25K car??? It really doesn't seem right and I would like BMW to step it up!

Just my .02!
As long as people like you continue to purchase BMWs with a ton of orange peel, BMW will continue not to worry about it. I find it comical that BMW owners feel entitled to better paint finishes, yet they continue to purchase the vehicles. It reminds me a Land Rover owners complaining about durability.

FWIW, nearly all "luxury car brands" have similar finishes these days. Once you work your way up to things like Porsche, Bentley, and Rolls, you'll find a difference. These are brands that like to talk about craftsmanship.

Other exotic car brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini have similar finishes to your beloved BMW.