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Originally Posted by brava09 View Post
Check this thread from m5board where the new M5 was tested 12.61 at 124mph so here you have your one second, hope you're happy now

Also, it says that the new M5 beats the Panamera TURBO S from a roll

So we are talking about a very fast car here:
Yeah man, that guy claimed that 12.61s was without launch control. Sounds like quite a beast. Yes, i am quite happy Too bad it can't run with the current generation exotics unlike the E60 M5. It was able to hang with Gallardos and F430s. The current 458 has taken too much of a step forward from the 430. Nevermind, a little tune should take care of that Realistically speaking though, nobody really needs more power than that in a large saloon. It's all just crazy "wants" that is getting to the head, mine included.