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sigh. another one of these threads.

Originally Posted by Linda_the_Cat View Post
Go to a designer shop lay down the gtr's key while asking the price of the handbag see what the sales person's attitude would change as compared to when they see a key of BMW. it's the value mate! If you want a Nissan don't pay 100k, get a PS3!
what a joke. possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard. if you need a key to get you service, then you're a joke. that's like all the people saying that you'd pick up more girls in an M3. if you really need a car to pick up girls, then something is wrong with you...

but, to amuse myself, you like my keys? (the keychain was obviously a gift and done to be obnoxious):

sounds like you'd drop your fobby panties.

plus, if you're showing off that you drive a 3-series (Linda has a 335i)... give me a break.