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Originally Posted by e90m3_6MT View Post
Really buddy? I have 4 BMW's, including my M3 for the last 3 years.
(x5 4.8 2010, X3 35i 2011, 328i 2009, M3 2008)

I think I should be alright finance wise. The reason I am looking at the payments is that as much as I like an M3, I don't like overpaying.

My M3 has a 40K residual, now for the new 2011's they dropped it to 27K

Since the C63 has a residual of around 44K that means to get the same payments your looking at a downpayment of 17K, hence my train of thought, is the M3 worth 17K more than a C63??? plus I think the new interior with the red/black leather combo is very nice.

As much as I like the M V8, and I do think it's one of the one of the greatest engines to have been made and I'm sad to think BMW is moving away from their N/A high rev engines, I couldn't stop grinning every time I floored the demo C63.

I'll even get to drive it on the track before buying it, I was invited to the amg performance tour in palm beach where they hand you the keys to a few Amg's (sls, sls roadster, cls 63, e63 and of course the C63 in coupe and sedan form.) and then let you loose on the track. should make for an interesting day.

Anyways, money is not the factor here, it's more the fun factor not the last 10th at the track, what top gear calls the soul of the car, and when J.C. says it's an axe murderer with headlights, you can bet he's right with that one.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to count my 2010 cooper S so I guess that makes it 5.
Well, BMW wants you to buy the car at the end of the lease or sell it at lease end. There will be equity in the M3 while the C63 you will be just walking away at the end of the lease. I like low residual leases as long as the money factory is good.

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