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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
if the game has to go down to the bullpen, then i think we both know who has the edge there.
Hmm, Alburquerque, Coke, and Perry versus... well it doesn't matter. Those guys would be benched on high school teams right now. And to add to that, we're not hitting your bullpen AT ALL.

Verlander has to go 8 and we have to hit CJ hard. Call it a trap game all you want, but our only chance is for JV to be Cy Young JV.

Am I hopeful? Hell yes. Optimistic? Hell no.

Although if we do win today, we'd have Scherzer at home (he can be dominant sometimes at home) and then Fister if it went to 7. However, that's not going to fix our bullpen and hitting.

A lot has to change for the Tigers to have a chance. A lot.