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Originally Posted by Cisco94109 View Post
sounds good to do you like your MORR's? what are you getting on your M3?
The MORR's are amazing! They ride extremely well, are lightweight and are strong as shit. I've actually hit some pretty huge potholes where I live, in which case I was like, "Yep, cracked wheel. Here we go." Then when I pulled over to inspect...nothing. No bends, chips, cracks. I was seriously impressed. They are also very stable at high speeds and get you compliments everywhere you go.

Anyway, I would put that set I have on the M3, but I'm planning on going with 20's. I just saw MORR's new MS8 3-piece forged series and am in love. They are a good chunk of change, but so worth it. Like I said, the quality of their products is unrivaled. Plus, their customer service is first class.

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PM me if you plan on selling them. I'm interested.
For sure! I'll let you know.
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