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Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
More power to anyone that can get into an m3 its by far the better car!

I have to disagree about driving the snot out of the m3 being associated with breaking the law. While certainly you can easily break the law in this car (and any car now adays) but within reason you can drive the piss out of it and stay within the limits.

Every day I redline 1st and 2nd gear getting on the freeway or on some backroads but always shut it down at 65-70 on the freeway and maybe 5 over whatever the limit is on the backroads. The most fun thing about the m3 and its engine is taking it to redline and keeping it in the low gears and revving the piss out of it.

Or another example is on the freeway when you are cruising at 55mph, you can drop it to second, hear the engine scream as it hits 7200 and than you get 1200 glorious RPMS to wind out for a second or two until you hit 66 which is the top of 2nd and you are still easily within limits.

So I do not think you have to granny it to stay with the limits of the law!
Well, when you mentioned driving the piss out of the car I envisioned more. Rhetoric I suppose!

Keep it safe out there Ateam.