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Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
I have been in this spot before and bought too much car for my budget when I was younger. On paper I could "afford it" but cars ALWAYS cost more when you starting actually owning them. Tires for example. Even normal driving an m3 they come with super soft summer tires that will wear very quickly and cost 1200 to replace all four. You likely won't baby the car so you will wear tires out even more quickly by driving hard which the m3 will get you to do.

Good point about the additional costs, but tires CAN be had for much cheaper. That's one of the benefits of being a forum member. People sell tires often!

Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
Even if you consider you have warranty for two years.

Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
Whoever is spending less than 400 on gas a month is either not driving it much at all or driving it like a cadillac which if that is what you are going to do than no point getting it. If you buy an m3 and drive the thing like an m3 is supposed to be driven and you put more than 1000 miles a month than you will be burning 500 bucks easily a month.
Nowhere does it state that an owner has to drive aggressively everyday to enjoy the car. Prudence pays dividends! How much you spend on gas depends on the variables associated with your commute (..i.e..distance, driving habits, hours of travel, etc.). Driving anywhere close to the level that you allude to in the post above will only result in more negative police contact than it's worth (...and the subsequent, "How do you get out of a ticket via Trial by Declaration" threads). I used to give BMW drivers a pass, but lately that hasn't been the case.

Funny, your post reminded me of a 7-series owner that I cited a month ago on the 15 freeway @ Sierra traveling SB @ 90 MPH. He proceeded to argue that his 7-series would have alerted him if he were speeding. Yeah! Sign here sir!

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Than if you are in so cal or arizona you will be temped by putting higher octane gas in so you get the full 414hp and you will be tempted to spend on race gas and that adds up. Then you will want to mod here and there and mods are so much more for the m3 than the 335. The list goes on and expenses go on!
That actually made me chuckle!

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