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For Whom The Bell Tolls

I've had sporadic cowbell for many months now, but lately it has become more aggressive and consistent, and I can anticipate at least one cowbell rendition with every trip, and thereafter numerous encores at regular intervals. For a while it was quite embarassing. I often found myself apologising to the valet at my local garage where I parked. He soon became annoyed at the sound, and me, and would purposely and spitefully readjust my seat settings at any given opportunity.

Anyway, I dropped the car into the dealer yesterday and described the cowbell sound as a "tink tink tink" sound, and definitely not a "clank clank clank" sound. I was quite clear about that! Of course, the sound mysteriously wouldn't reproduce during examination. Short story is I got fed the bulletin posted earlier about it being normal for such a high-performance car and that it's actually designed that way etc etc.

I was resigned to live with it, but it's clearly not what they are describing in the bulletin.