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Originally Posted by uhaulball View Post
yes, they must "test" interlagos blue, because it is new color right?

god forbid it melts or something. (even though it has been used many many times already)

point is, there are many ways to interpret their reasoning to use a bright showy color with absolutely no camo, your guess is as valid as mine, dont act like you know their incentive, but u are free to think what their incentive might be, just as i am.
My response was not a guess. It's from personal knowledge and experience from when I used to work at BMWNA.

So, in this case, no, you are not free to think what BMW's intentions are with pre-production test mules. The fact of the matter is that this car is being used for TESTING purposes. The color of the vehicle is irrelevant as the facility does not get to choose which color vehicle they receive, Germany sends what they want to send. There is no longer any reason for full body camoflage since they already released official photos of the upcoming car but they still cover the roundels because it still hasn't officially been released and technically not a BMW just yet.