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Originally Posted by SpencerM3 View Post
Back in the day I remember a mod my car or mod my wrist post.

I said wrist w/o little hesitation, but the mod bug is a dangerous one and when it bites, you're screwed. Akrapovic exhaust, HRE P40's, and many mods later I could've gotten a pretty sweet watch by now, but modded the bimmer first.

So now I am thinking about taking my own words and getting the Panerai...or should I go BBK?

Panerai 292

Brembo BBK
Like I tried to imply in my scene comment, buy a BBK...IMHO.

Originally Posted by doc19 View Post
Bigger watches are the "trend" right now, but in my mind it just screams "look at my watch." So I like nice things, not to show off, but so I can appreciate them. Kind of the reason I went with the m3. The vast majority of the public just sees another ubiquitous 3 series. One day the trend meter will swing back to normal size watches, and when that happens these larger watches will just look tacky. I'd rather put my money on a watch that will stand the test of time (I have a 38mm datejust that still looks good that is 30 years old, and is actually on my wrist right now).

Also, you have to take into account the wrist in which the watch is going on, I realized that anything bigger than 42mm just looks silly on my wrist. Metal bands also don't work when I'm wearing a suit or a shirt with cuff links.

My current daily watch below, and if you say it looks like a women's watch maybe I need to introduce you to the prop behind it... I joke, I joke...

Now this made me laugh....

Here's my prop...
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