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Originally Posted by Boost_Nation View Post
Sure why not a addition to the test drive payment..... Hmmm uhh maybe becuase its a chance to drive the new m3 before most other people, in germany, and at nurburgring. Ehhh who am I kidding, thats too much, I know its the nurburgring and all......but shit, i'll be fine at willow springs race way or any other decent track with a new m3 (should i get one, which i probably wont for a while) unless it was all expenses paid, im out even if i do win a seat in the drive. i wonder if you can sell your slot....hmmm that'd be great.

You know, you could just ED The car and run it on the ring as much as you want....

5k for a test drive? Man there are some suckers out there with cash burning a hole in their pocket.