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Originally Posted by username11 View Post
[Scene switches to E90 w/ 20" super concave wheels driver and his 'sweetie' kissing in bed at his house.]

[Sweetie slowly removes E90 driver's pants]

[Sweetie] Oh my god!! WTF?

[E90 Driver] What?

[Sweetie] It's so... tiny.. no wonder you had to add 20" wheels and red brake calipers to your flashy car to get attention..

[E90 Driver] Here's $100, at least jerk me off. Use your thumb and forefinger or something.

[Sweetie] OK. I guess..

EDIT: I think Sweetie is actually a dude after re-reading the original post (?) so maybe this is gay micropenis porn. You choose.
[Scene changes. Lonely Man in first scene suddenly awakens from horrible day dream of "gay micropenis porn" at his local Starbucks to notice it's not a dream, yet, it's Inception 2 starring username11. MWahahahahaha]