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Originally Posted by smmmurf View Post

In CA you get f'cked every time you buy cars which is why OP's deal makes absolutely no sense.

haha yeah thats my thoughts. However if it is only a 20-25K car the tax would only be about 2K. which still sucks but not as bad as 4-5K tax on a 50-60K car.

There have been many times where I found a really good deal on a 50-70K car that I wanted to buy and drive for a 4-6 months and know I could have sold it for what I bought it for or maybe even a couple K more. But like you said once Tax is put into that equation it would have been a $4-5K loss. but guess that is just our govn't rules we have to live buy.

I actually even thought about just getting a dealers license cus I think then I wouldn't have to pay the sales tax why I enjoy the car for a few months.