Thread: BBK or Panerai?
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[Man sits alone at a table at a local Starbucks. Constantly rubs wrist. Suddenly, a man at a table next to him inturrupts. Conversation ensues.]

Stranger - Hey man, you know what time it is?

Lonely Man - But of course I do...[lonely man pulls up sleeve to unveil his new Panera....I mean, Paneria watch]'s a half past 2.

Stranger - Oh, okay thanks man.

Lonely Man - Hmmmm....You're welcome...[thinks to come he didn't notice my $10k investment on my wrist...]...

[Suddenly, a loud screaching sounds pierces the ears of on-lookers outside local Starbucks. Lonely man looks up to notice...wait for it...wait for it....]

[Alpine White E90 ESS 650 SC M3 w/ 20" DPE Super concave wheels backlight by an 8 piston front, 6 piston rear candy apply red Brembo BBK]

Stranger - Hi sweetie. Glad you can make it.

[Lonely man - walks out of Starbucks.....]

[Camera fade to center on table...focuses on Paneria watch sitting on table]

[The End]