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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
As others have stated, parking garages just don't cut it for car pics (unless you have über-talent like John Z). The light is awful, the background is awful, and so on. The reflections alone are bad enough. Also, your car has very cool angel eye lights. Use them to add some color and light to the scene.

#5 wasn't bad, but the rule of thirds also states your subject should always be "entering" the picture, not "leaving" it. #5 has way too much wasted space behind the car. I cropped some out, but from now on try to have the space in front of your car, even if the shot is from behind.

I'm not advocating Photoshop as an excuse to take bad pics either, but you can greatly alter the looks of a pic with it.

That's pretty sweet! I don't have the equipment to take shots like that but I think I've got a lot of input from you guys to vastly improve my shots the next time around. I've got this week off so I'm definitely going to find a spot to shoot my car at the lake with the leaves changing color.