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Originally Posted by jateshk View Post
Lose 3-4k in a year driving a fully loaded c350. Show me where you can lease that kin dof car for $250 a month. The last 5-6 years unlike most people i dont lost much on my car. I buy it enjoy it then sell it. Part of the game for me in driving a new car every year or so.
First post you said 3-5k loss in 1 year.

Second post you said 3-4k loss in 1 year.

$250/mo = $3k per year.

Recommend you stick with a more likely scenario of $5k, which is over $400/mo.

So I can't even show you where you're able to have an effective $250/mo lease on this C350.

Trading down to save $ (for a longer duration) or trading up to, well, just trade up, can rationalized.

What you're doing is just nonsense.