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Originally Posted by status38 View Post
Glad you're happy with it, I could definitely feel the difference between my 335 and the M as well. Even at low revs that V8 just sounds intoxicating. I must admit I was kinda tempted to ask if you wanted to try driving each others cars just so I could check out the 1M haha! I know I wouldn't want anyone in my new baby either though!

That sucks about the Ring being closed, but at least you got to drive it with a rental. I wish I would've finished the break in before going, but honestly if I was pushing it all out I probably would've wrecked haha! That track was crazy, but sooooo much fun. I may have to go back over there between EDs just to drive a rental!
I was glad I didn't drive my 1M. I'd wreck it for sure. That track is ridiculous. With 121HP, my wife and luggage in the back, pushing the cooper to the limit was already fun enough for me. I already got everything from understeer to oversteer and etc in that car.

Small engine for a new comer to the ring = safer
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