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Originally Posted by Simsims View Post
It's an export plate, who cares :P You can do the whole picture if you want.

1M is definitely different! I was too lazy to post pictures, but it DEFINITELY does not drive like a 135.
I'd say it's more in between an M3 and a 135. The suspension, transmission and clutch feels M3ish, but the acceleration feels like a turbo (obviously), but MORE! I didn't like how I had to shift like a maniac in order to get power out of the M3, so I went with an 1M = lazy ass daily driver.

The day I went to the ring it was closed. I had to turn in @ frankfurt in the afternoon because it was @ 1200miles already. So I went back to the ring with a rental Mini Cooper. Damn that was fun, pushed the cooper (not even s) to the limit. I'd have to agree, stick shift NA is a HELL of a LOT more fun on the track, just not so in the streets...
Glad you're happy with it, I could definitely feel the difference between my 335 and the M as well. Even at low revs that V8 just sounds intoxicating. I must admit I was kinda tempted to ask if you wanted to try driving each others cars just so I could check out the 1M haha! I know I wouldn't want anyone in my new baby either though!

That sucks about the Ring being closed, but at least you got to drive it with a rental. I wish I would've finished the break in before going, but honestly if I was pushing it all out I probably would've wrecked haha! That track was crazy, but sooooo much fun. I may have to go back over there between EDs just to drive a rental!