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Originally Posted by oneintheory View Post
thanks. i use artificial light. typically shoot at f/8 or f/9 when shooting cars.
doing this will add a mountain of sharpness to your photos, Also, don't just point it at the car, aim your focus point at the spot you want people to see first, like the edge of the hood near the headlight. People don't want their eye drawn to a mirror.

That being said, single point autofocus is great for doing such things, if you leave everything in "auto" the camera is taking a wild guess about what you want in focus, or it will choose several points in the shot and take an average, this can lead to less sharpness.

tripods do wonders, if you have a few of them, and you have a few external flashes that you can mount on the tripod, you can have some fun with the lighting.

don't park the car under signs if you can help it.

don't be afraid to get a little closer to the car, i'm seeing a lot of unnecessary background, this is just making the car look like an object that happened to be in the picture, rather then the star of the show.

As others have said, find a nice clean white surface, fill the frame with it and take a picture using the light that you will be using in your shoot, this sets the camera up nicely, you'd be amazed how well shots come out after. Easiest is a nice clean white sheet of paper.