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Originally Posted by Hooy View Post
Whoa whoa, really? Did Forza lose their license with Porsche?!
No, the license was through EA games and handed down to Turn 10. EA plans to base the next Need for Speed on Porsche, so they pulled Porsche cars from F4 to get Porsche fans to buy NFS.

Stupid? Yes.

My thoughts: Porsche will be a huge part of one the upcoming monthly expansions and/or part of an expansion pack with tracks, cars etc. In the end I believe Porsche will be in F4, but only in the coming months (about 6, I'd wager). I've purchased the 30 dollar season pass which includes ALL upcoming expansions at half price. This season pass will soon disappear and you'll have to pay double for each expansion so grab it at 50% off while you can!

With that said, I think I'll drink the rest of this coffee and cruise down to Best Buy in my Six Banger to pick up my copy. AND IF THEY DON'T HAVE IT, HEADS WILL ROLL.
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You're low-balling