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Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
Were you serious in only wanting to drive it to school?? Then an m3 is totally not worth the headache and cost!

And maintence is not cheap at all. Brakes, oil change, diff fluid is all a huge cost when warranty is up which would be pretty soon for an 09, atleast a couple years.

If you can swing it than by all means go for the m3 but I think some people underestimate the gas alone which is almost the same as a car payment. 500 is on the very low side for the month. Most people who drive it daily and drive it like an m3 is meant to be driven probably spend 600-700 a month on gas.
Maintenance will get you, and repairs definitely will, but I think 600-700 for gas may be overly steep. I drive about 750 miles/month (granted, lower than average) and get about 12-14.5 mpg. When I'm not running errands or driving my 2-mile city commute to and from work, I'm driving more aggressively on Hill Country roads, and I would say the mileage is split about evenly between those 2 use profiles (practically no freeway driving). Under those conditions I'm averaging $200/month on gas. Austin undoubtedly has cheaper gas than SoCal (last fillup was $3.55/gallon) but not THAT much cheaper.

But yes OP if you're literally just planning to drive it to and from school, don't get the M3. A car like that (or even a 335, for that matter) deserves to be driven in places like a track or at the very least some fun twisty low-traffic roads, not just gridlocked freeways and city streets. You would be completely wasting the car in those conditions and joining the already infested ranks of SoCal car poseurs.
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