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Update on new Schroth Harnesses

Hi Everyone,
I thought I'd start a new thread so that you don't miss this announcement. Despite our best efforts there will be NO GROUP BUY FOR THE SCHROTH HARNESSES. I don't understand it, as you know the interest has been huge. I've included the last couple of emails from Mike regarding the quick-fit harnesses. Don't get mad at Mike as he's just the messenger, but I sure wish we had an alternative as I'm not wild about supporting a vendor who doesn't wish to support his/her potential customers. I don't doubt there is perhaps an no-discount agreement, however, with enough creative thinking there is usually a way around these things. Sorry everyone..

>>> "Mike Long" 10/10/11 11:45 AM >>>
Hi Victor,

Thanks for the follow up email. I am glad that there is a lot of interest
in the quick fit belt.

After some discussions with the decision makers here it looks like we will
not be able to do a group buy for this product.

I will keep your information on file and I will let you know if anything

As we get closer to production with this product I will let you know.

Thanks again for your interest in Schroth. Have fun at OFest!


Mike Long

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Hi Mike,
Thanks for your note. That is really disappointing. Why is there not any
interest in a discount for our group? Seems like a great way to attract
customers, unless Schroth has enough business from existing customers that
they don't care?

Thanks for your efforts nonetheless.


Hi Victor,

It seems the complication is because of our dealer agreements. None of our
dealers are allowed to advertise at a discounted price. Therefore it would
not be right for us to offer the belts at a discounted price. If the
decision makers here have a change of heart, you will be the first to know.

Thanks again for your interest in Schroth.